Oxford Lectures

In Oxford, Bernd Schmid enrolled all of his major concepts. This approach has been organized in two groups, each lasting  about 3 days.

Most of the inputs are available on YouTube (channel: isb wiesloch) and on the isb Website. There you find additionally all the slides (also as PDF) and the presentation as audiofile.

Furhthermore, by clicking the slides inside the isb-oxford-website you get directly to the matching scene in the video. Have a look

Last but not least, you can watch the whole Inputs of Oxford using the YouTube Playlist for group 1 and group 2. Please use the following links.



And Group Two, Day 4-6

the Link to the Playlist (YouTube): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUEMue3IhakfpCRredtb3OXmY8ttOzRkf

The Video-Playlist