Impressions and Interviews

What are the Learning Conversations about? What can you expect?
The short trailer below gives the answer, based on an summary of Rosemary, Helen and Bernd.

Interview with Rosemary Napper:
What is the core of Learning Conversations? What means emergent?
Answers to this questions and more interesting input in the following video.

Interview with Gunther Schmidt about the proper climate (goal serving, respectful …), the role of media in the postprocessing of the therapy and his personal impressions of Learning Conversations 2012 in Heidelberg.

Discussion with Silvie Rossi, Helen Ross, and Günther Mohr more about several topics, based on the question: “What is systemic TA”

Interview with Helen Ross about the conference, the expectations and her thoughts about an open international TA community.

One thought on “Impressions and Interviews

  1. Just watching Rosemary in the this interview and really liking her description of a ‘community’, the fluid, changing aspects and the aspect of choice to join. I also wondering what this means for the wider virtual community and secondly for Florence… Lorraine Hirst,, UK

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